Replacement and retrieval policy

:Return and exchange policy-

‘Price Buyers’ store guarantees that all products are new, unused, and undamaged. Please, please be advised that within 24 hours of receiving the item. The “price seller” store team will replace the product at no cost.

: Replacement and Return Policy-

Refund of the purchased goods within 24 hours of receiving the goods, provided that the goods are returned, retrieved, or retrieved and in the original cartons. It must be accompanied by all accessories attached.
Original documents such as brochures, prints, and prints.
If there are no attachments in stock, please save the merchandise in the item it was shipped from.
The company takes care of the shipping papers in return for several receipts in the event of receiving the goods. If the customer desires the shape of the customer, he will bear the costs of his condition, our report via the following link: 0530007376
Payment received prior to receiving the refund order or the card received.

Return and exchange method:

A shipping invoice is sent from the customer to this number 0530007376

And then upload it from the photographs.

: thermos-

It is displayed with the token only before it is used for tea or coffee
In case of cooling, take it back or its doctor:

:Warranty for electrical appliances-

Maintenance of electrical appliances, we are directly with the agent for the warranty card attached with the product. The customer must consult the agent directly.


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